Conferences papers from Clarity 2012

Our last international conference was in Washington DC, United States, 21-23 May, 2012.


Balmford, Christopher
Do your organization's documents sabotage or enhance its brand?

Berkenstock and Lankarge
Start a plain language program in your big organization

Burt, Candice
How structure gives meaning to a document

Canizales Gonzalez, Antonio
Plain language in Mexico’s Central Bank

Catania, Kathryn
Grassroots initiative to cultural norm: The USCIS’ Plain Language Program

Daniel, Jodi
Creative approaches to government communication with the public

Dougherty and Roy
The challenges of plain language legal information and picking the right medium

Fernbach, Fortier and Joseph (not available)

Fisk, Josiah
Clear beyond words: Visual thinking and how it’s changing plain language

Friend, Amy
Plain language in the financial world

Galán Vélez, Rosa Margarita
The risks and challenges of fostering plain language in Mexico

Garner, Bryan (not available)

Harris, Lynda
True transformations — Stories from government and legal organisations that have transformed their writing style against the odds

Hasselrot, Anne-Marie
The Swedish approach to clear legislation

Herbert, Ingrid
The Swedish Language Act and its significance for the plain language worker

Hertnon, Simon
Saving lives with plain language — Our 'duty of care'?

Hillebrand, Gail
Keynote address - Consumer Protection Bureau

Horn, Kleimann and Olsen
The double helix of mortgage policies and consumer testing of disclosures

James and Moriarty
Anatomy of a contract: A case study in plain legal language (updated presentation available soon)

James, Neil (not available)

Jones and Starford
Boards for all: Community based nonprofit governance training - Plain and simple

Kimble, Joseph (not available)

Kirby, Joh
Community legal information – What works?

Lemons, Terry
The IRS and plain writing – Challenges and accomplishments for a taxing situation

Martinho, Miguel
Plain-language developments in Portugal

Mattson, Anki
Rewriting of statute – A case study

Moran, Eamonn
Confessions of a plain-language legislative drafter

Motzfeldt, Sissel
Plain language work in Norway’s public sector – A never ending story

Nicolay, Karine
IC Clear, a new EU-funded international postgraduate course in clear communication

Norden, Lawrence
Clarity in elections and the law

Pares, Nathalie
Three years with the Swedish Language Act - Impact, experiences and lessons learned

Piehl, Aino
Plain Language in the New Finnish Model for effective legislative drafting

Piper, Ben (not available)

Pollitz, Karen (not available)

Rosenberg, Nad
How plain language principles can help create effective mobile websites

Rosenthal, Lee (not available)

Schiess, Wayne
The highs and lows of the writing consultant on the Texas Pattern-Jury Charges Plain-Language Project

Schriver, Karen
Plain legal language: The underlying research

Link to Schriver's video: Card-sorting legal guidelines


Sikkema, Tialda (not available)

Spivey, Katherine
Using our customers’ words – GSA’s Plain Language Program

Stephens, Cheryl
You have the right to remain baffled: Plain language and criminal justice

Strickland, Paul (not available)

Trudeau, Christopher
The public speaks: An empirical study of legal communication