The following organizations have an interest in plain language.

Our sister organizations

PLAIN Language Association International
PLAIN is an association of plain language advocates from all professions and countries. Their site provides free plain language articles, writing tutorials, web links, news, information about conferences, networking opportunities, membership listings, and professional support.

Center for Plain Language
The Center is a US tax-exempt organization supporting those who use plain language, training those who should use plain language, and urging people to demand plain language in all the documents they receive, read, and use.

Other non-profit and membership organizations


Australian Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Legislative drafting offices in Australia are actively adopting and implementing plain language policies. The Commonwealth office has produced a downloadable guide for people working with the office on legislative projects that sets out various approaches to making legislation clear, including graphics.

Communication Research Institute of Australia, Inc.
The Institute is an independent organization providing services and publications to members.

Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales
The foundation’s site has useful resources and guidelines for writing and resources. The foundation publishes a monthly newsletter about plain language developments and provides useful guides to Australian law.

Victoria Law Foundation
The foundation helps Victorians understand the law through education programs that it delivers itself or supports through its grants program. The foundation advocates for clear legal communication and provides training to the legal sector in Victoria.

The foundation has  searchable database of plain language legal resources on its website that included links to individual articles in The Clarity Journal.


WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust
The trust seeks to bring plain English into common use in New Zealand by publicly acknowledging the efforts of organizations that use plain English. The Trust was formed and organizes and hosts the WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards.


American Society of Legal Writers
The Society publishes an excellent journal, The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing.

Plain Language Committee of the State Bar of Michigan
The State Bar’s plain language efforts are led by Professor Joseph Kimble. The site has an archive of plain language articles published in the Bar Association’s monthly journal.

The Plain Language Action and Information Network
This group of US Government volunteers is working to get the US federal government to communicate with citizens in plain language. This group produced the excellent Federal Plain Language Guidelines.